About Us

Meet Our CEO

Alexx Joy, 26

Born and raised in Saint Louis, Missouri, I started my braiding journey as most little girls did, on Bratz dolls at the age of 7. As time progressed I began braiding my family member's hair. By the age of 15 or 16 I was braiding foundations for my cousin's clients. My mom did hair my entire life, she's my biggest influence. 

I made the transition to braiding hair full time after an almost kidnapping and carjacking which resulted in me being afraid to leave home but still needing money. My work began to really get noticed once I started braiding my own hair to my knees and ankles in 2018. Business really took off!

Summer 2020 I got discouraged and quit braiding and tried pursuing a full time job that would accommodate the needs of myself and my (soon to be) 2 little girls. Nothing seemed to work and that's when I accepted the fact that braiding is my skill and what I am meant to do.

Early 2021 I decided that even though the money is good... it's time to expand, expand, EXPAND! I decided that I wanted my own line of products to use while I'm doing hair. So I came up with a name, partnered up with a friend for a logo and merchandise and here we are.

The Lexx Effect will be offering more than just braids in months to come.